Our Construction Process - Caliber Projects Ltd. builds single and multi family homes in and around Langley, British Columbia.
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Our Construction Process

In an industry known for increasing costs and decreasing quality standards, Caliber demonstrates value to our customers by executing our established, detailed construction process. Our process ensures that we build your project on time and on budget to consistent, quality standards.


1. Pre-construction Planning

Our pre-construction planning involves defining the scope of the project in order to meet all market and specific regulatory requirements. On larger projects, we collaborate with consultants, developers and municipal authorities in order to obtain both a development permit and building permit.

2. Tender

Caliber Projects takes responsibility for ensuring project construction is executed as planned through the procurement of prequalified sub-trades and supplies. Prequalification standards include safe work practices, quality work methods, and fair prices. We collaborate to provide our end customers with appropriate prices and delivery times.

3. Construction

Our construction process can be broken down into 5 stages:

  • Mobilization
  • Site Works
  • Framing and Systems Rough-In
  • Finishing
  • Product Delivery

4. Post Construction – Service

Caliber Projects provides its customers with a full Home Owner Protection Office warranty. We complete a very detailed home inspection at the time of homeowner possession, and support our customer with full service for the duration of the warranty program.