Single Family Homes

Caliber Projects builds single-family homes that are both beautiful and practical. We study and access the current market needs in order to best accommodate today’s growing families.

At Caliber, we recognize that your home is not just a large financial investment, it’s also an emotional connection. It’s where you celebrate time with family, retreat to relax, watch your children take their first steps and from where they leave to start adult life. That’s why we design your home with thought and innovation, and build it carefully to the highest standards.

Our market specialists, architects, designers, engineers, construction management, subcontractors and suppliers all collaborate to provide our customers with a quality, attractive, functional home we would each be proud to live in.

Looking for a builder for your custom home? Caliber will help you every step of the way. We’ll design, build and warranty a home you’ll be proud of.

Multi-Family Homes

Caliber Projects works with developers to build multi-family housing options of various styles including townhouses, condominiums and apartments, and seniors’ complexes.